About Us

Diesel Fuel Injection Specialists.

Sheaf Diesel Services is a family owned diesel fuel injection specialist based in Sheffield. We are part of the Sheaf Group of Companies and our core service is the quality remanufacture of diesel injector pumps and diesel injectors.

We were founded in 2011 when we discovered that we could no longer locally source our diesel injection requirements at a competitive price. Our diesel workshop manager Mick joined the company in our formative year and brought with him his extensive knowledge and experience in this specialised field. Since then we have expanded our workforce to accommodate international demand. In addition to this we have modernised our equipment and practises to expand our capabilities in modern diesel technology. We have achieved this whilst maintaining our commitment as one of the few remaining companies in the world specialising in the maintenance and repair of British diesel injection vintage pieces.

Based in The Steel City, Sheffield, in the north of England where British engineering tradition is an appropriate climate, we are privileged to have access to outstanding mechanical expertise. Employing people from the locality, we are investing back into Sheffield helping to preserve a world class industrial base.

When we go out into the marketplace and we mention Sheffield, people recognise that the city is synonymous with quality and engineering” – Andrew Kohler – Managing Director.


What our customers say about us

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